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Corgi VW Camper Coca Cola 1:43 Scale

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The VW Camper is a truly iconic vehicle that has a special place in many peoples hearts and is instantly recognised by people of all ages and cultures. Even though production of the splitty ceased in 1967, they are still often seen lovingly restored and cared for, at festivals and camp sites throughout the world. It seems more and more shows dedicated to the vehicle pop up in the UK each year and if anything, the vehicles making even more of a name for itself as the years go by.The list of roles VW Campers partake in makes them one of the most diverse vehicles ever made, these days they are often seen transporting brides to weddings, having street food served out of them and of course, being a home from home to those having a few days away from their busy lives. Coca Cola is instantly recognised in its own right and pairing these two world renowned brands makes for a perfect scale model.This livery is inspired by Coca Cola in the early 1960s Delicious and Refreshing is a slogan that has resonated with Coca Cola throughout three different centuries, used on the very first Coca Cola advert, which was printed in the Atlanta Journey in May 1886 the words Delicious and Refreshing appeared in the vast majority of adverts and merchandise attributed to the company right through until 1920. Also represented on this livery is the patented glass bottle Coca-Cola which has been sold in since 1916. It was decided that the drink needed a bespoke bottle shape so that it was recognisable among the many impersonator companies who sprung up following the success of the drink. Ten companies in America were given the brief to develop a bottle so distinct that you would recognize it by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground. The Root Glass company’s design, said to be inspired by the elongated shape of a cocoa pod, came out on top and thus, bottled Coca Cola came to be.

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