Arma 1/72 Hurricane Mk I Navy Colours 70022


Hurricane Mk I Navy Colours

Arma Hobby | No. 70022 | 1:72

1/72 Scale Aircraft

Plastic Model Kit

Requires assembly

Glue and paint sold separately


Hawker Hurricane Mk I / Sea Hurricane Mk Ia fighter aeroplane model kit 1/72 scale – in navy colours

Set contains

  • Plastic parts
  • Techmod decals – 3 markings options
  • Masks – template for making them yourself from masking tape

Hurricane and Sea Hurricane Mk I

At the beginning of the Second World War, the Fleet Air Arm (FAA), the British Royal Navy’s aviation did not have a decent fighter aircraft fitted to securing fleet operations. The main challenges of the Royal Navy were to maintain maritime communication to North America and North Africa and further to India and Australia. Convoys of merchant ships were marauded by Luftwaffe long range aeroplanes.

A temporary solution to these problems was the introduction of the Hawker Hurricane Mk I aircraft, to the aircraft carriers and modified merchant ships and training units. Subsequent versions were modified:

  • Sea Hurricane Mk Ia – also know as “Hurricat”, was usually converted from ex RAF Hurricane MkI`s with several naval modifications added, including catapult spools and a naval radio. These fighters  were flown from Fighter Catapult Ships by 804 Naval Air Squadron of the Fleet Air Arm and by the RAF`s Merchant Ship Fighter Unit aboard CAM Ships.  Modified Hurricane aircraft was launched during an air attack on the convoy and after completing the task, the pilot bailed out by parachute over the convoy to hopefully be rescued or he flew off toward the nearest land if there was enough fuel remaining.
  • Sea Hurricane Mk Ib – Hurricane with catapult spools, pilots head rest, naval radio and arrestor hook for landing on an aircraft carrier.
  • Hurricane Mk I – The basic Hurricane was also used for shore based training from FAA land bases, equipped with a naval radio. Like Sea Hurricane`s, these aircraft were usually painted in the Temperate Sea Scheme camouflage.

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