BTR-70 Russian Personnel Carrier


The association “Muromteplovoz” has developed a universal tower module MA7, which can be used to rearm the armored personnel carrier. The new tower is armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun “Kord” and a 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM. For self-defense serves the installation of smoke screens 902V “Cloud”, and the reservation system of the tower installation provides a 5th class of protection – will withstand small arms fire and hit fragments.
A set of plastic parts for the assembly of one model of an armored personnel carrier.
The set is assembled with the help of a special glue manufactured by the Zvezda enterprise.
Glue and paint sold separately from the kit.

Russian Personnel Carrier BTR-70 with MA-7 turret

Zvezda – Nr. 3587 – 1:35

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