Trumpeter 1:35 German E-50 (50-75 tons)/Standardpanzer 01536


The E-50 hull was practically identical to the King Tiger in overall dimensions except for the glacis plate layout. The plates would have been interlocked and welded as on other German vehicles, giving great strength and rigidity. The engine chosen was an improved version of the Maybach HL230 as fitted to the Panther and the Tiger II. Called the HL234, it developed 900 HP using fuel injection, and was expected to produce up to 1200 HP with supercharging. The location of fuel tanks, radiators and fans was similar to the Tiger II. Maximum speed was to be 60 KPH. The idea was to assemble both types on the same production line, using identical production machinery and brought in sub assemblies.:
Item No : 01536
Item Name : German E-50 (50-75 tons)/Standardpanzer
Bar Code : 9580208015361
Scale : 1:35
Item Type : Static Armor
Model Brief : Length: 351mm : Width: 109.5mm
Total Parts : 294pcs
Metal Parts : brass wire
Photo Etched Parts : 1 piece
Film Parts : n/a
Resin Parts : n/a
Total Sprues : 7 sprues, :lower hull, upper hull, turret and tracks
Paint Schemes : Wehrmacht
Released Date : 2010-01
More Features “: The kit consists of 262 parts in light grey plastic and 10 clear parts.
>the kit w/refined detail
>Multi-directional slide moulded lower hull,upper”

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