Italeri 1:35 Kfz. 15 Funkwagen 6526


Kfz. 15 Funkwagen
Italeri – No. 6526 – 1:35
1/35 Scale Armour
Plastic Model Kit
Requires assembly
Glue and paint sold separately

From the mid-1930s an ambitious project of mechanization of the German armed forces was initiated. It was in fact considered strategic to equip the Wehrmacht with a standard military chassis capable of optimizing the off-road mobility of the troops. Among the various versions proposed, the medium four-wheel drive car produced by Opelwerke and Auto Union had an important diffusion. The medium chassis was set up in various configurations to make it suitable for transporting troops, towing trailers, reconnaissance and, last but not least, to meet the needs of the transmission departments. The Kfz. 15, built by Horch (Horch was part of the Auto Union group together with Wanderer, Audi and DKW), was in fact equipped with radio equipment in order to perform the function of command post,


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