Oxford 1/87 Diecast Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red 87DP48001


Oxford 1/87 Diecast Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red 87DP48001

The American Dodge B-1B pickup was manufactured by Dodge (Chrysler) between 1948 and 1953, assembled in Los Angeles and Stockton, California and Warren, Michigan.  The B-1B was a ½ ton truck standard with a 95hp flathead straight-six engine and 3-speed manual gearbox, classed as a full-size 2-door pick-up with an FR layout. The B Series also featured a unique ‘pilot house’ cab with optional rear quarter light windows, all of which increased visibility for the driver. The engine was moved forward and the front axle moved back to improve weight distribution. Increased all-round space in the cab and improved rubberised mounts meant it could seat three people in comfort. The cargo area sides were also raised to improve load capacity. More improvements followed in the early 1950s before the B-1B was superseded by the Dodge C Series.

These unique features are faithfully replicated on the 1:87 scale model, which is introduced in flame red with brown rear cargo bed and side rails. The wide radiator grille is masked silver as are the wheels and bumpers.  The interior of the cab is black and the registration plate shows the vehicle as located in NY in 1948, 4W21-12. Finally the Dodge name appears in different colours and fonts on the front, sides and across the back. These pickups were put to multiple uses, so future liveries are an exciting prospect.

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