Oxford 1/87 Diecast Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 Regal Maroon 87CB42001


Oxford 1/87 Diecast Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 Regal Maroon 87CB42001

The Chrysler Town & Country luxury station wagon was made between 1941 and 1942 and again after the war. Indeed it remained in production until well into the 1980s.  Here at Oxford, we’ve chosen the first generation vehicle from 1942 with its unique shape and unusual features which is produced at 1:87 scale.  Available as a four door saloon, as the name suggests, it was styled either with a wood body or metal designed to look like wood.  The manufacturers recommended varnishing the Honduran mahogany every six months! Either way, it was a very popular finish in estate wagons of the time.  Remarkably, the four door vehicle housed eight to nine passengers and rear loading could be accessed from double doors that opened out at the centre at the back of the vehicle. Furnished with a straight six engine, the car was manufactured at the Chrysler works in Detroit. Because of the US entering the war, less than 1000 vehicles had been produced.

It is decorated in a rich maroon and black colour scheme showing up the mahogany panels held in place with replica white ash of the original. Silvered strips run along the wheel arches and the roof features a silvered roof rack as well.  The heavy chrome element extends to bumpers, back doors and lower body trim.

Completing this wartime piece of American motoring history, note the whitewall tyres, the rear registration plate  – 1942 Colorado 1.5 801- placed above the two rear door handles with the Chrysler badge below the rear window and to the front, the ornate Chrysler badge on the edge of the bonnet.

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